The purpose of the Ohio State Price of Life Invitational Campaign is to bring together leaders from the university, church community, legal and business arena and political realm with those local, national, and international organizations on the front lines in the battle against human trafficking in order to raise money, awareness, and advocates amongst faculty and students at the largest college campus in America.  Bringing the voices and talents from these diverse networks will help us stop the horrors of modern day slavery and sexual exploitation.Through this unique lens of advocacy, networking, and education, we hope also to help those exploited as modern day slaves by raising money and awareness at the Ohio State University.We seek through the Invitational to: 
  • broaden the coalition of organizations and individuals who are actively seeking to establish justice in the arena of human trafficking broadly and the sexual exploitation of trafficking victims specifically;
  • impact state and federal law by partnering with lawmakers who are passionate about justice, giving them access to students and community members in Columbus and at the Ohio State University;
  • help people see the connection between faith and spirituality and justice and to help them work to establish freedom and flourishing of victims of modern day slavery.