The Ohio State Price of Life Invitational scheduled for April 18-22, 2010 is a unique city-wide campaign addressing human trafficking and child sex slavery sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA.  The Price of Life Invitational seeks to bring national and international non-governmental organizations together with campus and student leaders, business leaders, churches, scholars, and local non-profits to educate and mobilize the Columbus community to fight modern day slavery. The vision behind the Price of Life Invitational was birthed by InterVarsity’s National Campaign Director, R. York Moore to bring diverse groups together to address the complexity of modern day slavery.Download the full OSU Price of Life Brochure

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H.R. 2737: Child Protection Compact Act of 2009

One of the things we will do is lend our support to those non-governmental agencies and politicians who are working to pass H.R. 2737, the Child Protection Compact Act.  The Child Protection Compact Act of 2009 authorizes the Secretary of State, through the Ambassador, to provide assistance (grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts) for an eligible country with a significant prevalence of trafficking in children that enters into a Child Protection Compact with the United States to support policies and programs to eradicate the trafficking of children.