Ways to Get Involved:

Download the Volunteer FAQ

  1. Become a fan of the Price of Life on facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Encourage your friends to do the same. 
  2. Raise funds and march in the Parade of Tears.
    • Raise $100 to fight trafficking.  If ten people each gave $10, that would do it!  See the handout, “How to Raise $100 from A – Z,” for more ideas.
    • People can donate online at www.osupriceoflife.org or make checks to IVCF-USA with “Price of Life” on the memo line.  Donations will be processed and receipted by IVCF-USA but funds will go to International Justice Mission, Not for Sale, World Vision, Hagar International, and Gracehaven House.
    • Join other abolitionists on the west side of the new Ohio Union at 3 PM on Sunday, April 18th, rain or shine, to walk the route of the Underground Railroad in protest against the modern day slave trade (about 1.5 miles).  Speakers and music will follow. 
  3. Provide labor and/or transportation.
    • There will be a need for people with muscles and strong backs to set up and tear down equipment at most events.
    •  If you have a pick up truck or other vehicle that can transport materials and equipment, let us know!
    • Contact Mike Lehmann or Sierra Clouse, logistics co-coordinators if you can help!  michael.david.lehmann@gmail.com, sierraclouse@gmail.com 
  4. Ask your professors if they would allow a visiting speaker.
    • Many of the world’s leading experts on human trafficking will be in Columbus during Invitational week, and they are available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics that relate to many academic disciplines. 
    • Contact Howard Van Cleave, van-cleave.3@osu.edu (IVCF Faculty Ministry) for more info. 
  5. Participate in an Invitational film discussion in your dorm.  So far about 1/3 of the dorms have agreed to show a 25-minute film on trafficking during Invitational week.  If your dorm has not scheduled this, request it!  Contact Eric Bobbitt at bobbitt.13@osu.edu 
  6. If you are a member of a fraternity or sorority, request a film discussion at your house.  Contact sridharan.1@osu.edu  to get a copy of the DVD and discussion questions.   
  7. Ask to make a brief announcement and pass out hot cards about the Invitational in each of your classes.  Say something like, “There are more people living in slavery today than at any other time in history.  I have hot cards that tell you how you can learn more and be a modern day abolitionist.”  To get hot cards with the Invitational schedule and a list of things students can do to fight slavery email polinvitational@aol.com
  8. Write about trafficking and about the Invitational on facebook, a blog, or in a letter to the student newspaper. 
  9. Wear the bar code girl logo temporary tattoo during Invitational week.  You can get one of these temporary tattoos at the Parade of Tears or at one of the Proxe Stations (interactive art stations) that will be set up across the campus during Invitational week.  Price of Life banners will make it easy to identify Proxe Stations.  
  10. Invite friends to niche events and academic presentations as appropriate.  The complete schedule of speakers will be posted on the Invitational website – www.osupriceoflife.org
  11. Attend the Town Hall Meeting on Monday, April 19th at 7 PM in the first floor Performance Hall at the new Ohio Union, and bring friends who have an interest in public policy.    
  12. Invite friends and come to the main Price of Life event on Thursday, April 22nd at 7 PM in the Archie Griffin Ballroom (2nd floor) of the new Ohio Union.  This event will feature a variety of guests (including a Price Is Right game show with great prizes) and will focus on what Christianity has to say about evil in the world.

How to Raise $100 Today!